Gucci Museo Review

Friday, August 14, 2015

When I was in Florence recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Gucci Museum. The museum is located in the heart of Florence, overlooking the beautiful Piazza Della Signoria. Outside is the Gucci Cafe which is a lovely place to stop for a latte while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the square. Inside the history of the 90 year old brand has been showcased, carefully demonstrating the evolution of the company from its 14th century humble beginnings to the iconic luxury brand it is today. 

Gucci first started with luggage as Florentine, Guccio Gucci first realised the potential luggage had as a status symbol. Gucci has since expanded into clothing, handbags, evening wear, among other things. Seeing the beautiful evening which was wear worn at Cannes and other exclusive events was especially beautiful.

One of my favourite creations was the Gucci Bamboo Bag, created in 1947. During this time period there was a shortage of resources due to World War II, which lead the company to get creative. Gucci craftsmen experimented with bamboo cane, heating and bending it into a curved handle. This unique and distinct bag was an instant favourite and went on to become a classic example of Gucci craftsmanship. 

Another memorable moment for me was seeing the original Flora print, and discovering the creation behind it. The print was originally created in 1966 for Princess Grace of Monaco and was to embody a delicate and poetic imagination. It was created using flowers from all four seasons, butterflies, berries, and dragonflies to develop a beautiful and enchanting print. Today Flora is an iconic and timeless print for Gucci, revived from season to season. 

I really enjoyed exploring the Gucci Museo, however I would not recommend it if you aren’t personally interested in the brand. It is quite a small museum and would probably take around half an hour to see everything. I am definitely glad I went because it was fascinating to see the history and evolution of Gucci. 

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