A day at Rag & Bone

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Back in November I had the chance to visit the Rag & Bone headquarters in New York with my school’s Fashion and Retail Association. They gave us a tour of their office, leading us through the different departments. It was certainly interesting walking through Rag & Bone’s office  as the company’s essence really came out in the airy and minimalistic tone of their space. We then had a seminar with a few members of the Rag & Bone team and they told us about the company and answered some of our questions.

One thing that struck me about Rag & Bone is the clear entrepreneurial spirit that is at the center of the company. This quality of the company really demonstrates how the brand still possesses authenticity through their collections, and clearly nothing is contrived. They talked us through how many decisions are driven by intuition and spur of the moment decisions, which really shows how authentic and original Rag & Bone strives to be. Overall it was a wonderful experience, and I’m glad I was able to visit the Rag & Bone office! 

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