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Thursday, July 16, 2015

If you are anything like me, you are probably fantasising about summer travel plans, and figuring out what to take with you on holiday! However, as I’ve realised it is equally as important to plan out what to take in your carry-on for when you are on the plane. Airplanes are not always the most comfortable places, but if you have the right essentials in your bag it will make your flight experience so much better!

    Whats in My Carry-On...

    Flight Essentials
    Air travel can be especially harsh on the skin, and I find mine is always extremely dry after a flight. This is why I keep a small makeup pouch with a few hydrating products in my bag. One of my favourites is a rose water spray, one spritz of this instantly refreshes and adds life back into your skin. I also like to keep a roller ball perfume and lip balm with me. The temperatures on flights will vary so its always a good idea to have layers for when the AC is on full blast. I always like to carry a sweater or a scarf for when I’m feeling cold. This sweater from Uniqlo is a good neutral choice that can be worn with anything, and it is certainly comfortable. When I’m traveling on a long flight I always carry my noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask in case I want to sleep on the flight. If you want to see more of my summer travelling be sure to follow me on instagram here.

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