Fashion Week Goes Digital: Misha Nonoo SS16

Monday, September 14, 2015

Its undeniable that Fashion Week is becoming more digital and accessible with each season. Social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram make it possible to post up to second updates of the latest shows and events. However while most designers still choose to show their upcoming collections at Fashion Week, more and more are opting for a more digital approach to showcase their latest pieces. This is exactly what Misha Nonoo did when she chose Instagram as her “venue” for her Spring Summer 2016 collection. “Instagram is a storytelling platform, which is what you want to do when you show a collection,” Nonoo explains. To view Nonoo’s Spring Summer ’16 collection all you have to do is go to her account, turn your phone horizontal and swipe through the different looks. Her decision to opt out of the traditional runway show rooted from how the location is so specific thus making it difficult for everyone to attend. Having her collection on Instagram makes it completely accessible to anyone who would like to see it. In my opinion this was an extremely smart move. It’s different from what everyone else is doing and thus naturally grabs the public’s attention. The format of tilting the screen and scrolling through the feed is unique and a nice break from all the blurry runway shots. I suspect that many more designers will follow a similar route to showcase their collections digitally in upcoming seasons. The only downside to this is that viewing a look in person is a much impactful experience than it is on a screen, and that is very hard to simulate.

This season Misha Nonoo channeled a very sixties influence into her collection with a lot of graphic pieces. The collection consisted of a good amount of denim, stripes, and pleats which added a lively and fun tone. There was certainly a great focus on blending the menswear looks while still keeping it feminine, which I really loved. The color scheme consisted of mainly reds, whites, blues and blacks with a sporty yet also formal mood. I feel that most pieces would be able to seamless transition from day to night which is always a positive!

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